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Tuesday Treat – Summer Holidays

For the last few weeks, I’ve been enjoying my first summer holidays in a while. We’re not going on holiday, as we’ve already been glamping, so I’ve got a few jobs I want to do, as well as prepping for the new term in September. So far, I’ve spent a day in the garden, doing some much needed work; we’ve redecorated our front room and hallway and I’ve got a few more jobs up my sleeve that I’d like to get done before September. Not only that, but I’m managing to fit in a little bit of rest and relaxation, including another visit to Fawsley Hall spa. I’m also working my way through the box set of Desperate Housewives in Now TV. I forgot how awesome it was. Since completing my skirt at the dressmaking class, I’ve also got a list of things I’d like to make to hone my sewing skills.

Summer Holidays

I’ve also had a massive clear out of both my home office and my wardrobe. There’s nothing like a good declutter to help you feel fresh. One of the best things about teaching, in my view, is coloring in my timetable and organising my calendar for the year ahead, which I did yesterday and had a whale of a time doing it. Gotta love all the new stationery and organising! Along with preparing for the new term, I’m also thinking about making sure we’ve got lots of healthy meals for the first few weeks so am spending a lot of time on Pinterest, looking for lots of inspiration. If you’ve got any tips for a lazy cook, let me know!

Tuesday Treat – Things that make me smile

I know. It’s not Tuesday. It’s Thursday. But that shows how much I’m struggling to get back into the swing of things since we got back from our holiday in Cornwall. Not only that, but as we had a family weekend last Saturday, we also took time off work to help/recover, so I don’t really feel in control of things. And for a control freak, it’s pretty scary & unsettling. I seem to be flitting between different things on my to-do list, never really completing anything & constantly feeling like I’m not achieving much. Therefore, I’m really relieved to have this little face to look at to help me through!

Poppy the Office DogWhether it’s her sniffing her way among long grass, stretching out mid-snooze on her chair, howling as she yawns or the little cheesy smell she gets when she’s been curled up, this little lady always manages to bring a smile to my face! It doesn’t matter whether I’ve had a great day or a rubbish day, she needs to be walked & getting out into the fresh air is always therapeutic too, even if I can’t remember what day it is. What they say about dogs being a great stress reliever is so very, very true! Over the wedding weekend last week, she was in kennels. Yes I cried when we dropped her off & I was counting down the hours until we could pick her up! This little monkey has well & truly worked her way into our hearts!