I’ve always been a fan of peanut butter, the smooth stuff now, not the one with bits in. Since being vegan, I’ve become an avid reader of labels and was surprised by the ingredients in lots of jars of peanut butter. Not to mention the fact that most of them contain palm oil. While I don’t want to write about the ethics of using or not using palm oil, simply because I don’t know all the facts, I kind of think if you can make delicious peanut butter without adding anything, except for a little salt, then why would you add anything else? That’s what the people over at Pip and Nut think to.

Pip and nut peanut butterIt tastes exactly like peanut butter should – amazing. As it doesn’t contain palm oil, the peanut butter starts to separate when not in use. I always give it a good stir with a handy chopstick to mix it all back together. It is by far the tastiest peanut butter I have ever tasted, perfect on thick slices of hot toast, especially after a chilly dog walk.