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Tuesday Treat – Beach Holiday

This time last week, Poppy & I were getting blown away on a few lovely Pembrokeshire Beaches. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a long walk with Poppy, especially across the beach. The photo below was taken at Broad Haven beach in Pembrokeshire and I’ll be adding it to my Dog Walking series soon. Over the few days I was there, we managed to visit five beaches. Newgale was my favourite, as we managed to hit it while the tide was out. It’s huge and perfect for dog walks, even in gale strength winds.

Broad Haven BeachWhile I enjoy a good walk around the countryside, for me, the coast is where it’s at. There’s nothing quite like the taste of sea salt on your lips and the smell of the sea in your hair when you get home. Even gale strong winds couldn’t ruin our walks last week. though I don’t think Poppy appreciated getting so much sand in her face!

Dog Walks in Pembrokeshire – Bosherston Lily Ponds

There’s nothing like a long walk during the winter to blow away the cobwebs and make room for some more tea and cake. While we were in Pembrokeshire over Christmas, we went for a lovely walk around Bosherston Lily Ponds and Broadhaven South (not to be with the ‘other’ Broadhaven… which I did.) It’s a great walk that can be extended or shortened, depending on what you’re looking for/what the weather’s doing.

Lily Ponds Lily Ponds Dogwalk The Lily Ponds

We were very lucky with the weather when we went. It was dry, slightly cold and the sun was out, which is when Pembrokeshire is at it’s very best and you can understand why it’s such a popular tourist destination.

BosherstonBosherston rushes

Half way round the ponds is the entrance to Broadhaven South beach, which is well worth visiting in its own right. It’s a gorgeous beach, which Poppy absolutely loved.Broadhaven Bosherston Bosherston Lily Ponds Poppy at BosherstonBroadhaven SouthBroadhaven Dog walkLooking at these pictures now, you’d think we were there in the height of summer! I imagine this beach would be packed then, but we’ll have to go back to find out. Whether you decide to do visit the beach as well or just the lily ponds, it’s a lovely walk, whatever the weather. There’s some great wildlife to be seen too.

The Walk: The walk around the lily ponds is circular and you can find out more here on the National Trust website.
Cost: Free
Car Park: There is a car park for the lily ponds in Bosherston, which is where we parked. There is a fee, but we didn’t realise and the booth wasn’t manned when we were there so we didn’t pay anything. Oops! I’ll make an extra donation to the National Trust next time we’re near one of their places – promise!
Refreshments: There’s a lovely little tea room in Bosherston itself, which does a superb cream tea and serves it on the front lawn.
Toilets: There are toilets in the car park.

Tuesday Treat – A Day at the Beach

Last weekend, we headed down to Pembrokeshire for the weekend. One of the best things about visiting family there is that it always involves at least one visit to the beach. Pembrokeshire is blessed with lots of beautiful beaches and walks, perfect for getting the sea air into your lungs!

Saundersfoot Beach

While it might not be beach weather, armed with my Seasalt coat and handyband, we spent some time exploring the rock pools of Saundersfoot beach. We parked over at Wisemans Bridge and walked along the beach, as the tide was out. We let Poppy off the lead, which led to her running around, getting the sea breeze in her fur and exploring her favourite beach things, rock pools! We also saw a very spooky skull-like jelly fish and a Hermit crab.

Hermit Crab Spooky jelly fish

The beach is definitely my favourite place to be, whatever the weather. How about you?

Dog Walks in Pembrokeshire – Manorbier Beach

I always like finding somewhere new to walk Poppy. Not only because it keeps things interesting for me, but her reaction whenever we go somewhere new, is priceless. So last time we were in Pembrokeshire, we headed to Manorbier beach, which is dog friendly all year round. It’s not the biggest of beaches in the area, but access to the Pembrokeshire Coastal path is really easy to get to, so if you wanted something bigger, head up to the path.

Beach Dog


Manobier Beach

Rock Pool Dog

Pembrokeshire Pembrokeshire Coast

Manobier Castle

After a little stroll on the beach, which was packed due to the beautiful weather, we headed over the to the rock pools. Poppy isn’t keen on swimming in the sea, but she does love a good snuffle around rock pools. Fortunately, there are plenty to explore and she had us chasing after her, clambering over rocks, like the best of them!

Then, we headed up onto the coastal path. We hadn’t planned to go onto the path, so we just walked a bit and then turned around and walked back. However, there are a couple of circular walks encompassing Manorbier bay, which can be found on the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park website and I’d love to do one of these one day. It is a popular little spot and well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

The Walk: The beach isn’t very wide so if you’re interested in a long walk, then head up on to the coastal path, where you can walk for as long as you like!
Cost: There’s no entry charge, but you will need to pay for parking. We did consider heading to the Castle as well, but you do have to pay for entry there. More info here.
Car Park: Parking is pay and display in all Pembrokeshire Coast Car Parks, but it is pretty reasonable and transferable between Pembrokeshire Coast car parks.
Refreshments: While there’s no where to buy refreshments, there was an ice cream van in the car park and there is a cafe in Manorbier itself.
Toilets: There are some just inside the car park.