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Tuesday Treat – Whimsy

With all that there is on the internet, all the great blogs and online magazines, it’s always refreshing to find something new. And that’s why I’m pleased to have found Whimsy. In their own words, they aim to:

inspire you with creativity, positivity, pretty photography and interesting reads. In short, we’ll immerse you in the Whimsy life.

Personally, I don’t think we spend enough time enjoying the simple things and the whimsy that life has to offer. We move through everything at warp speed, constantly feeling not up to scratch. So anything that helps us to stop and smell the roses, embrace who we are and feel pretty darn lucky for the good things in life, is worth spending some time with in my book.

strawberry lemonade
{Image from Whimsy}

Also, anyone that encourages homemade strawberry lemonade is pretty cool in my book!

Whimsy has only been launched for about a week so keep checking back to see what new and exciting features they post. I’m really looking forward to see what they feature next.

Where do you look to for inspiration? Have you discovered anything great online recently? Let me know!



I’ve been using Instagram for ages, as have lots of people I follow on Twitter. When they were bought by Facebook a while back, lots of people were worried about what they would do to it. Well, now we know. They’ve created online profiles for their users.


They’re still in the process of rolling out the profile pages, but if you want to follow me & check out what tea I’m drinking, cake I’m eating or wool I’m using, then head on over to instagram.com/craftychai! Looking forward to seeing you over there!

Photo a Day ~ Week 4

Photo a Day - week 4

It was really tough keeping up with the Photo a Day challenge this week as I was a bit poorly. The weather didn’t lend itself to great pics either & I either felt worn out, uninspired or really hot due to a temperature I was running! So I didn’t take all of these on the right day, but a few days later when it was possible.

Photo a Day - week 4

I also found this week tough because I had to think about what to take pictures of. In a way, this was good because it got me to think about what I was taking pictures of & it pushed me further. This was part of the reason why I embarked on the challenge in the first place.

Are you doing the challenge? Have you done others in the past? Would love to know how you got on & what your pictures look like!

FMS Photo a Day – Week 2

Photo a Day - Week 2

Week 2 of #fmsphotoaday brought some new challenges. I wanted to take pictures beyond the obvious. Sometimes this was possible but not always, depending on what we were doing and the weather. But I was happy with the pictures this week & so were my followers!

Photo a Day - Week 2

I also like how many times I could get pictures of dogs in collection this week, though my favourite image is the one of the landscape – I found some new tricks to play with on my Instagram app! Nice eh!