One of the items I got in the Crafty Fox Box a month or so ago was some pink tape. This tape is a great example of why subscription box like this is so great. If you’re on a budget, trying new crafts can be really tricky. And it’s one of the reasons I really liked my Crafty Fox Box. I got lots of bits and pieces that I’d never think to buy myself. Plus it’s made me think about how to different things with craft materials. So, with that in mind, I set about pimping up a plant pot. The original plant that came in the pot didn’t survive (oops!) but I planted up my succulents in it and I think it looks great!

plain potThe original pot is plain white so I wanted to add some colour by adding the pink tape.

Pink tapeI really like the wide tape and added three stripes in total. I cut a dart in the tape at the bottom so it would sit properly.

wide pink tapeNot too bad eh?! It’s amazing what a little bit of tape can do to help pimp up a plant pot!

Have you got any tips for jazzing up any other household items? Let me know!