The last few months have been terribly busy. Fortunately, there’s been plenty on TV to help me relax and switch off. It’s been an interesting few months in tv land, with the devastating news that GBBO will never be the same again; the sadness that Nashville has been cancelled and as yet, not picked up by another TV company (though I’m hoping that I’ve simply just missed out on some fantastic news here) and the great news that a one off series of The Gilmore Girls will appear on Netflix later this month. In the meantime, I’ve been watching some pretty decent TV.

october tv recommendations

[The Fall – BBC Two || Fear the Walking Dead – iTunes

|| Poldark – BBC One || Marco Polo – Netflix]

I was eagerly awaiting the third and final series of The Fall. It’s one of the more dark and disturbing crime dramas I’ve seen but it is also one of the most gripping. Gillian Anderson is fantastic as Stella, who is calm and collected in the face of what can only be described as pure evil. While the start of this final series took a slower pace, it was still gripping enough, right up until the explosive final episode. If you missed the first two series, you won’t regret catching up on them.

While I am a huge Walking Dead fan, I also enjoy the spin off series, Fear the Walking Dead. While it’s not as good as the original, it’s still pretty good and certainly fills the gap between seasons. However, this series took a long time to get going. There was a point when I was kind of hoping everyone would get eaten by walkers, just so that something was happening. It did pick up about half way through and the action continued all the way to the end. I’m looking forward to the next season, I just hope it doesn’t take so long to get going again.

It’s no secret that Cornwall is my favourite place to go and this is partly why I love Poldark. I did get behind on watching it this time, so downloaded most of the episodes to my iPad and took it on holiday to Cornwall with us. Again, this was another series that seemed to go quite slowly to begin with but it has picked up recently with everything going on! Almost every character has got something major going on, whether it’s to do with mines or marriage, it’s a busy series.

Watching Marco Polo was not my choice. Phil wanted to watch it, and I was work most evenings, it doesn’t really matter what’s on. While I was (very) skeptical at first, it definitely grew on me, very quickly. We binge watched both series in a short space of time. It has a Vikings feel about it, so how historically accurate it is, I don’t know! But it’s worth a watch if you’re short of something.