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I have been decluttering Crafty Chai towers like it’s going out of fashion. Not sure if it’s just because I’m fed of having so much stuff or if it’s because I’m getting ready to hibernate, but either way, all those annoying little jobs on my list are getting done.

I’ve taken bags upon bags to the charity shop, recycled and sold lots of unwanted items (If you’re in the market for an espresso machine, check out my Gumtree ad!) and done a lot of reorganisation. For example, saucepan lids. Everytime we wanted to use one, we had to dig around in the back of a kitchen cupboard and empty half the contents onto the floor. It was mega annoying. Our little house doesn’t have much storage, and what there is isn’t really fit for purpose e.g. our ‘wardrobes’ won’t shut properly, which often means I have to dust my shoes before I wear them! Needless to say, sorting better storage is on my list!


One thing we have achieved recently is setting up an airing cupboard (pictured above – please excuse the poor quality picture!). Previously, bed linen and towels were all over the place, in cupboards, drawers, squirreled away, getting creased. I do like the feel of ironed sheets so always iron them. Therefore it’s really annoying when you get them out of the cupboard and they’re all creased! I desperately wanted a airing cupboard. So we decided to transform one of the cupboards in the spare room. Short on time and budget, my OH used some leftover paint to freshen the cupboard up and bought a cheap shelving unit to save us having to drill into the walls. Someone along the years has done some questionable DIY to this house. We don’t want to make it worse but we are still on a very tight budget. I really like the shelves. They’re easy to keep clean and I’m going to add some vinyl labels using my Cricut Explore, which can be easily removed in the future. We also packed spare duvets and pillows in vacuum bags (so much fun!) to save a bit of room and keep the bugs off.

The good news is that everything is tidy and in one place, including the ironing board and the airer, which fits in nicely in the front. No longer will it fall out on me or terrify Poppy as I struggle to get it in the cupboard! It’s so satisfying knowing that this is sorted. My OH & I have also swapped home offices, which means redecoration and reorganising so we’ve got plenty of jobs to do to get us through until next year!


Jo Malone Packaging

Jo Malone PackagingI don’t know about you but I love it when I buy something & it gets packaged up really nicely. I’ve noticed that a lot of Folksy & Etsy sellers do this, but so does Jo Malone. It’s not the kind of shop I visit regularly but when I do get something from there it’s a real treat. My mum bought me some perfume from there for my birthday. I didn’t open the bag for about a month! It just sat there looking pretty in my room. The assistant had sprayed some perfume onto the black tissue paper that went into the bag so my whole room smelt of it. Super lush!

When I finally opened the bag, there was so much black ribbon & black tissue paper I thought I’d died & gone to heaven. It was like the gift that kept on giving. It made me think that when I sell on Folksy I need to make sure that my packaging is lush, pretty & as environmentally friendly as possible. With that I mind I went on a hunt for recycled jewellery boxes. I stumbled across the Tiny Box Company. They had the perfect boxes so I put in an order. I think that they work a treat with my necklaces. I can’t wait for my first sale so I can wrap the little box up in some lush tissue paper & send it on its way!

Crafty Chai Necklaces

What’s your view on packaging? Do you have any great examples or fab suppliers? x

Crafty Tip no. 2

Music Magpie

Music MagpieAre unwanted cd’s & dvd’s clogging up your cupboards & shelves? Do you need a few extra pennies for Christmas? I did. I had no idea what to do. I didn’t have anywhere to put them in my very grown up study and I needed some money to buy equipment so I could make my silver jewellery at home. I didn’t want to just put them in landfill & I wondered if there was anyway I could make money from them. So I tweeted it.

Both a friend and my sister said about using MusicMagpie. I’d never heard of them so had a look on google. Genius. You put your barcodes in, either manually or using your smart phone app. It tells you how much each one is worth & then helps you to post free of charge. I chose to have a courier come & pick them up. It didn’t take long for them to check my delivery & a few weeks later I received a cheque! Fantastic! x

Declutter Time

Recycle Bags

As the weather gets warmer the need to ‘swap’ wardrobes gets more important. I realise this makes me sound like I have way more clothes than I actually do! I don’t have that many but I do have a really small wardrobe which means that I now have to pack away winter jumpers, scarves & gloves and get out thin blouses, tops & linen trousers.

I’ve also taken this opportunity to organise my wardrobe, have a good clear out & use some lovely storage bags to help keep things tidy. I received about five of the Cath Kidston Under Bed Storage Bags for my birthday last year.
Tidy Cupboard PhotoI’ve finally got around to using them & I think they look great. They come with little cards to write on to catalogue the contents & a little plastic wallet on the outside to put it in. I think that this is genius as it saves you having to get it down, look in it to see if it contains what you’re looking for. They look like they will be easy to keep clean & are very generous. You should’ve seen my wardrobe before I got started. There were clothes all just piled up on the shelf, all a mess & no colour-coding insight! Now everything is organised, which is just how I like it!

I also took the opportunity to remove things that no longer fit or I know I’ll never wear again. This is quite painful as (like most women up & down the length of the country!) some things haven’t been worn & still have the label on ‘in the hope that I’ll lose a few pounds and fit into them next summer’! Oh well, there’s always next summer! These things I’ve kept but seeing that I  had about 5 black cardigans I thought a proper clear out was necessary. 5 bags worth is what I’ve collected so far & this includes shoes & handbags. 

I know that I’ll probably regret getting rid of some of these items in the future but for the moment it has to be done. Recycle Bags I feel a lot better for it & know that someone will be grateful if I’ve donated something that they buy & love. Next on my list to clear out is my DVD & CD collections. Now that it seems lots of charities/schools can make money by recycling these I feel that I can get rid of them without increasing my carbon footprint & chucking them into landfill. There are a number of places who collect & make money from the recycling of these items. I know that some charity shops won’t take things like this because they can’t store many of them & they often can’t shift them so I’m glad that I can help make a difference & get rid of some embarrassing titles!