Recently, my OH introduced me to Saddleback Farm Shop. It’s a lovely farm shop that also has a deli and a tea shop. We went for lunch and they have lots of options, from sandwiches and jacket potatoes to soup and salads. They even had a burger on the special board! I chose a jacket potato with beans and cheese and it came with a delicious side salad.

JP lunchIt’s not often the side salad gets a mention in my reviews, but this one deserves it. More often than not, side salads are a little dull, sometimes without a dressing, and just limp salad with maybe a tomato & onion. This was awesome! Homegrown salad leaves, pepper, tomato, salad dressing, spring onion & a sprinkling of seeds, which really made it stand out. The jacket potato was cooked to perfection with a crispy skin and soft fluffy potato inside. The cheese:beans ratio was good and all in all it was a perfect lunch. So much so I can’t wait to go back for it again! I know that Saddleback is going to become a staple throughout the winter months when I feel too lazy to cook hot food at lunch – I’m just going to go there!