It’s been a while since I completed an Instagram challenge. I always seem to find out about them after they have started, by which point i feel it’s too late to join in. So when I spotted The Green Gables sharing an post on Instagram about #savouringjanuary Instagram Challenge, I really wanted to join in. January can be such a tricky month. Once you’ve got over the excitement of a new year, and all the changes that you’re planning to make for that ‘new you’, January can be quite bleak. It’s still dark most of the time, the weather is usually crap, everyone’s on a diet or doing Dry January and no one has any money. By looking for something positive every day was a really good idea. So much so that I kind of miss it. I am always on the look out for things to pap on my phone, but I liked having a daily focus. It made me think about my day in a different way. Here’s a collection of my favourites.

Savouring January 2016I realise that I post an obscene amount of Poppy/cake/river views! But that pretty much sums up most of my days, besides being at school. It was nice to be able to share some elements from my work life, such as the marking and planning and countless lists to remember everything that I have to do.

On my last post for #savouringjanuary, Gabrielle from The Green Gables left a comment, telling me about the weekly #savouringhappiness Instagram post. I’m really going to try and post something for that every week. I can’t promise that it won’t be cake or Poppy based! I will try to look out for some more variations! I think it’s important to remind ourselves of the little things that can make us happy on a day to day basis, especially when we’re struggling. This term has been incredibly busy and I am counting down the days until the half term break, just so I can catch up on my sleep and try to get ahead for the next term. As I’m feeling worn out, I need to keep my eyes peeled for anything that can brighten my day. Head over to my Instagram to see what I come up with.