There’s nothing like the feeling of clean sheets, am I right? Especially after a busy few days of gardening, cleaning and generally tedious household chores. You know what’s even better than clean sheets? Brand new clean sheets! I had decided to wait until we redecorated our bedroom before buying new sheets, though goodness knows we needed them sooner, especially as we’ve now decided to hold off redecorating our bedroom as we’ve run out of both time and money this year. However, when we got engaged, we received some money and John Lewis vouchers so we decided to splash out and get some new sheets. What else would I choose, but Seasalt sheets!

Seasalt Duvet set

As you can see, Poppy is pretty pleased with them! Before we adopted Poppy, we had decided not to allow her on the bed. Well, you can see how well that turned out! Seasalt do a lovely range of bed linen and I could happily have them all, but this was my favorite and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It fits well, which might sound daft, but not all of them do, and it’s super cosy. I can’t wait to have a tiny little lie in Saturday morning, even if it means sharing my pillow with Poppy!