On Bank Holiday Monday, I went to the Foodies Festival. I love a good food festival & had never been to this one before. Having read about it on Oxford City Guide, I thought it would be a great way to spend the day. Dressed for rain, well it is a British Summer, my OH & I set about to explore the wonders of the festival.

Foodies Festival

There were so many stalls to choose from it was difficult to know where to start! We decided on heading around the edge but we got distracted by the Drink Me Chai stand! I bought two tubs for £2 each & tried the mango flavour. I was very surprised that I liked it – I don’t normally like fruit flavours in things but it was really subtle & refreshing. The guys on the stall were great & very enthusiastic!

Tea Flowers

There was an amazing variety of fresh food stands from paella to jerk chicken to Indian takeaway. The biggest difficulty was trying to decide where to buy food from! When the rain decided to fall, we stopped at the Tregothnan Tea tent & had a very refreshing cup of tea. We then put a plan into action of how to eat the most samples in the smallest space of time! And there was plenty to try.


My favourite finds were the chutney, cheese & bread in the picture above. The cheese is lovely and not too strong, while the chutney is warming but not over powering. We also bought some Sipsmith Gin & got a free drink, which was delicious! I do love a good gin! Some of the other things we tried were a veggie pizza, a pie from Sweeny & Todd in Reading (though, sadly, no veggie pie for me!) and a candle cake. We also bought a Lancashire Bomb cheese, which we’re saving for Christmas. The only thing missing was some delicious macarons, but fortunately we stopped off at Chateau Gateau on the way back to the car & bought the beauties in the picture below. They are the BEST macarons I’ve ever tasted! It was a great day out & I can heartily recommend it.