For me, something the exudes luxury and ‘me time’ is having a spa treatment. When I was teaching before, it was something that I got into the habit of doing regularly as it’s a great way to destress and relax. Since then, it’s been a luxury that I’ve not been able to afford. The first thing I knew I needed to do at half term was to get a back massage. Not because I felt stressed, but because it’s important to make time to relax and I want to make good habits.

Spa Treatments at the Randolph Hotel

I thought I’d try the spa at the Randolph Hotel in Oxford. I’ve never been there and thought it would be lovely because, you know, it’s a fancy place! As soon as you open the door to the spa, you get that lovely spa smell – all oils and tranquility. I arrived a little late, and went straight in for my treatment. I filled out the usual forms and settled myself on the table. When the masseur returned, she asked if there was anywhere in particular that was particularly tense. My shoulders, especially my left one, seem to carry all my tension and I think my posture is pretty awful so I asked that she focus on those. Boy did she! By the end of the massage, which went way too quickly, my shoulders were quite painful, but the day after, there tension free!

I think next time I book a spa treatment, I’ll go for a morning at the spa, rather than just one treatment. Pretty much as soon as my treatment was done, I was back out on the cold street. I would’ve preferred some time to sit and relax a bit more, which is probably what I could do if I was spending the morning at a spa. Plus, you know, all the relaxing, which would be awesome!