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Pen Heaven #InkToWin Competition

There is nothing quite like using a lovely pen. I find that being able to do this is becoming a very rare thing. Sure I write in my Filofax everyday, but it’s not the same as having a reason to write by hand. My grandmothers always appreciated a good letter or postcard, but they’re no longer with us. With technology and social media being so prominent in everyone’s lives, I don’t really have ‘news’ that’s worth writing a letter for, especially as friends and family would have seen it online at least a day or two beforehand. As I get to use a pen, and a fountain pen at that, so rarely, when the lovely people at Pen Heaven asked if I could produce a piece of artwork to promote their #inktowin competition, I jumped at the chance.

Drawing isn’t my strong suit, but my handwriting has received a number of compliments so decided to write something. With the gorgeous weather we’ve been having and autumn being my favourite season, I decided on using this extract from Anne of Green Gables.

Hurrah for October #inktowin

Pen Heaven sent me a batch of Platinum Mix Free Ink colours and a Platinum Plaisir Fountain pen to play around with. After using up half an A4 pad and covering myself in ink, I decided on the above. When I was growing up, you had the choice of blue or black inks. The fact that I can not only use purple ink, but mix it up to make other colours too is mindblowing! Friends, expect all Christmas cards to be written in fountain pen! It’s an absolute joy to write with a fountain pen again.

The Pen Heaven #InkToWin competition is open now until the 19th November. The prize? A handmade Platinum fountain pen worth £2000. Not bad eh?! All you have to do is submit an image of a piece of artwork created using ink as their medium over here on their blog and explain how you created it. You can use any tool, as long as the medium is ink and it can be piece of artwork, calligraphy, picture, anything you want. All entries will be judged on creativity and innovation with the medium of ink so don’t worry if, like me, drawing isn’t your forte. Just grab your ink and get creative!

For more information, to enter and the full T’s and C’s, head over to the Pen Heaven blog. Good luck everyone!

Tuesday Treat – Shedquarters

Nothing will stop me skim reading my Twitter timeline than a picture of a blanket. I love blankets. If I had more money, Crafty Chai towers would be covered in them, from head to toe. As it is, I have at least permanently stationed anywhere I’m going to be sitting for extended periods of time, as well as a few that I’ve inherited from friends and family over the years. So when I saw a picture of the blankets for sale over on Shedquarters, I had to stop what I was doing and take a look. In an instant, I knew I’d found heaven.


I knew it was heaven because not only do they sell gorgeous blankets, they also sell some gorgeous stationery. As I needed some birthday cards, I popped this little notepad in my online shopping basket as well. What can I say, I needed it! Plus, it suits my budget a little bit more right now than the gorgeous blankets Shedquarters have, though I am seriously thinking about adding one to my Christmas list. One in every colour? Santa can manage that!

Tuesday Treat – Love Your Plane

One of my favourite shops in East Oxford, Comma, closed it’s doors a while ago. I was gutted. They always had so many great, unique products and stationery, it was my heaven! Fortunately, it wasn’t long until the shop reopened as Love Your Plane and throughout August, OLD MADE shop is popping up there. It’s the perfect mixture of vintage items and amazing stationery. Excellent!

LYP Oxford

We popped in on Saturday (Poppy too!) and I had a quick mooch about. Within seconds of being in the shop, I saw about ten things that I wanted, from prints and chairs to vintage jars and cards. I’ll definitely be popping back in soon – there are a couple of pieces of jewellery there with my name on!

Tuesday Treat – Fox and Star

Ah, stationery, you never let me down. You’re always there when I need you, helping me feel more organised, even I only keep you about because you’re super pretty or give me the illusion of being super organised!

Fox and Star Stationery

This selection of gorgeous planners come from Fox and Star, which is a stationery shop I’ve *just* discovered. It’s bursting at the seams with gorgeous notebooks, beautiful pens and rolls and rolls of colourful washi tape. I always have a pad on my desk to make notes, lists, doodles etc, but when I’ve used up my current one, I’m definitely going to be buying one of these. Every day I write down three things I have to complete that day. It helps distinguish from all the other lists I have. These planners would be perfect for keeping track of them. Which would you pick?