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Getting Started with a Cricut Mini

A little while ago, the lovely people over at Cricut* sent me a Cricut Mini. I’d never used one before so it’s taken a while to get going with it. I finally sat down and had a little play with over the weekend. It’s going to take me a few more practise sessions before I’m fully confident with it, but it has triggered something creative in my head and it’s bursting with ideas! I had no idea something like this existed but I’m glad it is. The potential is huge, whether you’re into card making, like me, scrapbooking, different forms of paper craft or just want to pimp up a few other projects. This machine can let you do that.

Getting started

It’s fairly straight forward to use. You have to be a member of the craft room and download software on to your PC or Mac. I use a Mac and had no problems. You can buy different ‘cartridges’, which provide you with different fonts, images and phrases and there are lots of projects online & on Pinterest. Some come with project files to help you out (though I couldn’t get the files to open on my Mac, but will have a look in the forum & consult my IT department!)

Cricut cut outsI spent hours simply looking through the different images, slogans and fonts available. I had a go at cutting some out and thinking about how they could be used. I don’t scrapbook, but can see how this would be really useful if you did. It came with a few sheets of paper, which stick to a cutting mat. You can design something to be cut out or cut something that needs further assembly. I’ve got lots & lots of paper in my cupboards so I’m going to experiment some more & maybe make some cards. I’m not sure how well the different types of paper will cut, but I’ll find out & report back!

Something I madeThe cutter comes with a practise project, which I did (see Thank You card below). It was fairly simple & a great introduction into what the machine can do. However, in all the instructions it said to set the cutter to 4, but this made the cutter rip the paper, so I changed it 3 and it worked a treat.

Practice projectThere are lots of video tutorials on YouTube, which I’m going to have to watch, as I’m still not quite sure how it all works! I would prefer written tutorials or have the option of choosing a written tutorial, as that’s how I learn, so if you know of any bloggers out there who have useful tutorials on using a Cricut, then please let me know! Or if you have any tips on what paper to use, where to get it etc I’d love to know. I can see a lot Cricuting in my future!

*Although the Cricut was sent to me free of charge, my review of the Cricut & online guides will be my honest opinion.




Tuesday Treat – Back to School

Is there anything better for a stationery geek that going back to school? Whether you’re still in education or not, September is a great time of year to take stock and get some new stationery. I still have fond memories of heading to WHSmith (the only stationers near us growing up) and stocking up on Bic pens, felt tip pens and Tipp-Ex. What a joy! If I was going back to school, I’d definitely want to get my hands on these little beauties:

knowitall pencils






The hardest bit is deciding which notebooks and pens to get because I want them all! I also loved the whole new uniform, new backpack, new exercise books feel to going back to school, plus the possibilities that lay ahead. Did you like going back to school? Or did you count down to the next holidays?

Tuesday Treat – Papermash

Every now and then I come across a shop that I fall in love with. Papermash is one of those shops. When I found it on Facebook, I couldn’t believe it! It’s like someone has made a shop, just for me. They do so many great things, all made out of paper, which is awesome. It makes me want to throw a party just to I can buy the decorations & the paper plates & cups, straws, all of it! They’ve also got really cute cards, notecards & post-its. All in all, it’s pretty much stationery-geek heaven! I am trying to convince myself I need these mini clipboards in my office. Perfect for list holding & planning different events, don’t you think?!

clipboardsI’m already thinking about some of the different bits & pieces I can add to my Christmas list! If you need a lovely card or some gorgeous tape & bakers twine then head to Papermash – You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Need a new notebook?

I am a self-confessed stationery geek. Whenever I’m feeling down, a trip to Paperchase or a stationers will always perk me up. There’s something very calming & uplifting about new pens, new notebooks or diaries. My stationery buying did get a little bit out of control. During a clear out, I found 5 brand new notebooks. 5. Nothing special about them, but I knew that I had to ban myself from buying any new ones until they were gone. Well, I’ve got one left. And the one I use to take to meetings is starting to fall apart. So I need a new notebook. I’m still using one that I bought from The Green Gables, as it’s lightweight & great for lists, notes & doodles. But I really want a hardback one that’s nice for meetings & keeping track of progress on projects that I’m working on. Here’s a few that I’ve found.

C notebookThis is currently my favourite one, as it has my initials on it. Plus, I really like the colour. £6.00 from Magpie.

mint journalI really like the colour & the pattern on the cover & I think that it looks luxurious! £13.95 from Nancy & Betty.

vintage notebook

I know these aren’t hard backed but they are just so delicious! Vintage notebooks? Yes! $4.00 from Oh, Hello Friend!

personalised notebookI love the idea of a personalised notebook! Especially as my name is tricky to spell. Cute! £5.86 from Letter C Design.


Quite dark, but I love the uniqueness of these notebooks. Plus they have a great story! £17.00 from Deadraven.

All I have to do now is decide which one I want. Choose one. Hmmmm… decisions, decisions! Which would you pick? Or have you found a great notebook elsewhere? Let me know!