After spending Sunday morning getting things organised, my OH & I thought we’d treat ourselves to lunch out. With it being Father’s Day we assumed lots of places would be busy so headed out of Oxford to Sutton Courtenay where there are three gastropubs. We decided on The Swan as it looked nice but didn’t look really crowded.

The Swan at Sutton CourtenayAs it was Sunday they didn’t do light bites or sandwiches, which I can understand but was disappointed with.┬áThere were no veggie options for the starter or on the specials board & there was only one veggie option for the main meal – Mac and cheese. I couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere else so had that but word to the wise: It’s 2011! Vegetarians generally require more than pasta and cheese. There were no side salad options so I had no green on my plate either. My OH chose the burger & chips.

Both were nice. The macaroni had goats cheese and sun dried tomatoes in with it. It also had black olives which tasted funny so I left those. I’d give it about 7 out of 10 but I won’t go back until I know that there’s more veggie choice. It’s interesting that on their website The Swan claims to have many vegetarian options. They might on their daily menu but not on their Sunday menu.

It did have a nice feel to it and the service was fine, though I could’ve lived without the waitresses spraying cleaning product onto empty tables as it smelt like toilet cleaner! Gross!