I’ve been really good in January with food etc. I’ve been working really hard so thought I’d treat myself to a bite to eat out and I fancied somewhere different so headed to Thame. I wanted somewhere with wifi & a friend suggested Time Out. The drinks menu is extensive. They serve almost every kind of Tea Pigs tea possible, the full range of Drink Me Chai, coffees and milkshakes galore. The food menu isn’t quite so extensive but I did have a very tasty goats cheese & cranberry ciabatta roll, which I had toasted.

Time Out Coffee shop

It was lush. It cost £4.50, which I thought was a bit pricey but didn’t mind the cost once I’d tasted it as it was delicious. Naturally I had a spiced chai, which was £2.50 for a standard size. This is quite reasonable as Starbucks will charge you over £3 for a tall chai latte, which is an inferior drink anyway. It has a really nice relaxed atmosphere and the staff were great. I’d definitely come back here. x