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The Mill House, Llangwm – Airbnb

Over the Christmas holidays, we spent some time in Pembrokeshire, where my family live. We decided to stay in an Airbnb for a change and came across the beautiful Mill House in Llangwm. We liked the way that it looked, comfy and cosy, as well as it being well kitted out for cooking for the family when they came over. We were not disappointed by our stay in this unique home.

Mill House

We had an awful drive down, with snow, closed motorways and the feeling like we would never get out of the car again. As a result, we arrived in the dark and the house is at the end of a very narrow track. This made arriving at the house even sweeter, as the house was cosy and quiet and easy to relax in. The house has decent wifi, always a bonus, and is decorated beautifully. There’s lots of individual touches, especially with the woodwork, that really makes the house stand out and gives it a really home like feel. Lots of the woodwork has used reclaimed wood and it really makes the Mill House feel special. I loved the little reading nook on the stairs, as well as the mezzanine bed in the second bedroom. Such a cool little hideaway.

Mill House lounge Reading nook

But that’s not even the best bit. The kitchen and bathroom really makes Mill House stand out. They are both completed to a high standard, beautiful finishing, but little touches make it really unique. For example, the rubbish and recycling bins are hidden away within a boxed in seat. The bathroom really took my breath away though. Everything about is beautiful. I would give anything to be able to have that bathroom in my home. (Sadly, only a lottery win and a new house would make that dream a reality!) The slate floors and subway tiles with grey grouting really gave the kitchen and bathroom a luxury feel, but the wooden shelving makes it extra special. There was also an abundance of plants, which has made us realise we need to improve our house plant game, quite considerably!

Mill House kitchen tiles

Mill House kitchen Mill House bath Mill House bathroom Bathroom plants

The house is set in lovely grounds, that contain a ruin of the mill and a gorgeous little boat, which you can sit in, if it’s warm enough. It wasn’t when we stayed. In fact, we had the first frost of the winter, which made the house look pretty magical. There’s a stream flowing at the bottom of the garden, which is lovely and sounds spectacular. I’d love to visit again in the summer, sitting out in the garden with a glass of wine, listening to the stream as the sun sets.

Mill ruins

Boat nook in the garden

The kitchen was really well-equipped and we catered for six people one night, and a visiting Jasper, who loved the place! I think Poppy liked the open plan nature of the house, meaning she could spy on everyone all the time. She also loved, as did we all, the underfloor heating in the kitchen and bathroom. I am currently trying to work out how I can replicate this in my own home!

Mill House dogs

I loved the quirky nature of The Mill House. It’s in a lovely village in Pembrokeshire, which is well placed for exploring lots of the beautiful county. I would happily recommend it to anyone and I can’t wait to go back again.

Holiday Ideas 2016

There’s nothing like a ever growing to-do list to make you dream of your holiday. Last year, we were a bit slap dash about holidays and didn’t have an overall plan of where we wanted to go so everything was last minute and we didn’t plan them well, with the exception of my birthday holiday to the New Forest. We didn’t spend long enough in Copenhagen and we didn’t go away during the summer holidays, which meant I spent most of them watching Netflix!

This year, I’m torn between going to new places and revisiting a few favorites. I know I should probably explore new places, but we’re lucky in that we’ve been to some fabulous places that almost feel like home. Here are the top three places I’d like to visit again:



It’s been over a year since we last visited Cornwall and I miss it immensely. The Lizard, which is my favourite part, is like no where else I’ve ever been and I could happily spend days walking along the coast, rain or shine, heading back to a cosy cottage for a cheeky Cornish cider and chips.

The New Forest

New ForestI was well and truly spoilt with my glamping birthday present last year. We spent a lovely few days walking along the coast and through the forest before heading back to our little hut. I’ve never walked so far in my life but I enjoyed every single moment of it, even if I needed to climb down a ladder for a wee in the night! Even though we walked a lot, there are still plenty of lovely places that I’d like to explore.


IcelandIceland is PCC – Pre Crafty Chai! We booked our holiday about 24 hours before their economy collapsed, just under 10 years ago, but that didn’t deter us one little bit. We visited over Christmas and spent a wonderful few days in Reykjavik. The highlight for me was visiting the Blue Lagoon and experiencing hail while floating in warm and cosy water. There’s a lot of Iceland that we didn’t explore and I would love to go back to see more of the island.

Having said that, visiting new places is always such fun so on my travel wish list are:

  • Berlin – the best place to be a vegan Europe
  • The Lake District – so many great dog walks to be had here
  • Sweden – We were so close to here when we were in Copenhagen and I do regret not popping over to Malmo while we there.

I still can’t make up my mind about where to go, though I do need to see what the budget will stretch to. Doubt it’ll stretch to all those places, eh?!

The National Museum of Denmark and Christiansborg Palace

One thing you can always count on with a city break is there’s bound to be a museum you can visit. Visiting museums in different countries is a great insight to other cultures and it’s a great way to learn new things. For example, did you know that the term ‘viking’ is a relatively modern term to describe the invasions from various Scandinavian countries? I didn’t. I naively thought that Vikings were a thing!

Any way, on our second day in Copenhagen we planned to visit the National Museum of Denmark, which was completely free. Always a bonus! Upon arrival, it was quite surprised by the building. It was quite understated and didn’t look at all like what I expected. We were welcomed at the door, told we could leave our backpack in a free locker, take our camera and water with us. This surprised me, as I’ve visited a few places recently where taking pictures was a massive no-no (yep, I’m talking about Westminster Abbey where I got told off for taking a picture. Right by the sign that said ‘No pictures’!) Naturally, I went to town taking pictures! Here’s a small sample of the best bits.

Ganesh Elk St George Viking boat EgyptianDanish stained glass Danish art Hindu deityThe museum is really well laid out. It’s bright, clear and fairly modern. I found the Danish history the most fascinating, mainly because it was all new to me. It was amazing to see the progress made my humankind over huge chunks of time, whether it be through the materials they made clothes with, the items of jewelry they wore, the weapons they hunted with or the development and changes of dwellings. They even have the remnants of a viking boat and the body of a woman who died and buried in peat. The latter was quite fascinating, as quite a lot of her has been preserved so you can see quite a bit about how they used to live, what they used to wear etc. Even the way they buried people was fascinating, as they would often bury them with other people, babies, pets, objects or trinkets. This reminded me of how the Egyptians would bury the mummies, with so many things to get them to the next life. Can you tell I have a bit of a morbid fascination with end of life rites of passage?!

After a bite to eat at 42Raw, we headed to the parliamentary buildings. Pretty much all the buildings to do with the government are in one place, along with Christiansborg Palace. You can tour almost all the buildings, but as we were trying to be conservative with our cash, we had a look around the ruins of the original palaces. Yes, palaces, as there have been five palaces in this one place. Three burnt to the ground and the others were ruined due to war or were demolished. The ruins have been preserved in the basement, as much as possible. I do love a good ruin, so we opted to have a mooch around those. It was fascinating! (I’m such a history nerd!) Seeing the different changes to the buildings, the amazing history of the palace and how they had the worst luck with fire. There was a lot of information to take in, including a handy video with english subtitles. When we were done with the ruins, it was time to take a few pictures of the outside of the buildings, where we had watched Birgitte Nyborg strut to and from the car in Borgen.

Danish parliment Parliment buildings in Copenhagen Borgen buildingIt was amazing to be so close to the parliament, considering how distanced we are to the Houses of Parliament in London. There’s loads you can do here too, like visit the gardens and the stables. We didn’t do that, as it was bloomin’ freezing by this time, so we headed off to see if we could find some vegan friendly gloves for me, which we did, thanks to the Danish version of Poundland! Not quite up to my usual ethical standards, but needs must!

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

After a lovely mooch about Copenhagen, where we discovered some amazing vegan food places (more on that later), we headed to Tivoli Gardens. I wasn’t that bothered about going there, after all, it’s basically an amusement park and at 99dk (£9.90) entrance fee, I was worried it be a waste of money. Boy was I wrong! It was A Mazing! Every guide book, website and blog recommended coming here and I can see why. Everything about it was epic. It’s much more than an amusement park. There’s a theatre, a number of restaurants as well as loads of cabins selling food, knick knacks and everything you could ever need for Halloween.

Pumpkin head Pumpkins at Tivoli Tivoli Palace Giant pumpkins Giant pumpkin Halloween at Tivoli Gardens Jack Olantern pagoda pumpkins in the water Tivoli gardens at night Tivoli copenhagen Tivoli gardensWe were there as the sun was setting and it was magnificent. The lights from the different rides were spectacular and every where smelt of toffee apples and popcorn. We looked around a few of the shops that were there but mainly we walked and enjoyed the sights and the smells of the Gardens. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. We didn’t go on any rides (not my thing at all) but because the Halloween decorations were so elaborate and the whole place decorated so beautifully, it was lovely just to walk around taking pictures.

About half way through our time there, and we were there for a good few hours, (making the most of our entrance fee!), we started getting peckish. Very few places had anything to offer my vegan diet, but we turned a corner and discovered a Wagamama so we ate in there, as I knew that there would definitely have some hearty vegan fare for us. It was the perfect dinner and helped us keep going around the gardens for a little while longer. We left with fully bellies and were suitably warmed.

The displays and celebrations change throughout the year and their Christmas festivities look fantastic. Wish we were going back for that! If you’re going to Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens is definitely worth a visit.