Yesterday was a big deal for me. Not because I had to go to the dentist twice in one day or spend an hour and a half ironing. Nope, something else happened that was ace… I finally received series 4 of The Walking Dead arrived on DVD. Yep, I’ve been waiting for itĀ ever since I pre-ordered it on Amazon months ago. I am a huge Walking Dead fan – so much so I can’t remember how many times I’ve watched it! Not only that, I am on official series 5 countdown. (I even have the date written in my Filofax. Not kidding!)

It’s one of the most stressful TV shows I’ve ever watched, wondering which cast members will survive the episode. No one is safe and I’m still getting over some of the losses from last season. This season is all about what the heck Terminus is all about. My money is on cannibalism, but let’s wait and see. The new series is on Monday 13th October at 9pm on Fox TV. I can not wait! Will you be tuning in?