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Introducing Albert…



This is Albert. He is my dinosaur. I won him from the lovely Georgina Giles. Georgina makes lovely plush toys & all I had to do was look on her Etsy shop, explain which one I’d like and why on her blog. Then all the¬†names went into a hat & mine was picked out! Fantastic! And so Albert is the newest addition to Crafty Chai towers. He currently resides on the windowsill in my study, providing me with inspiration! Love him!

Thanks so much Georgina x

Cream Tea & Knitting

Afternoon Tea Fallowfields

Last Friday I went to Fallowfields Hotel for a spot of knitting and a cream tea. I met up with Gail aka @a2knitting and Nikki from @nixbits66. We’d arranged it via Twitter & had the awkward ‘are you the ones?’ when we met up! But that didn’t last long at all. Before long we were gossipping nine to the dozen.

We ordered the cream tea & we weren’t disappointed! We had 2 scones each – one fruit & one plain, with plenty of cream and jam to be had. But it wasn’t all about the cream tea. We all brought something that we were knitting & had a good old chinwag while we got busy with our yarn.

I think we’ll definitely meet up again. It was so nice to meet up with fellow minded knitters. I love a good knitting circle & would encourage anyone to join in with their local one. You meet different people & can talk about so many different things. You might even get to eat some lovely cake!

Afternoon Tea Fallowfields

Scrapbooking :: January in the Garden

January in the Garden

A little while ago, @ThePRMummy tweeted & asked if anyone would be interested in trying out scrap booking. Always ready to have a go at a new craft, I said yes. A few weeks later I had a package arrive containing a scrapbook and all the materials I could ever need for some lovely scrap booking, as well as a magazine from Do Crafts Creativity.

It’s taken a while for me to think about what to scrapbook. Then I finally had some inspiration! Our garden is in a bit of a mess & needs a massive overhaul. This year is going to be the year that it gets the face lift. I wanted to document the different changes that it goes through but didn’t want another blog. So I thought that scrap booking would be the way to go.

Each month I will take pictures of the progress we are making in the garden & scrapbook them. Then I will share my scrap booking on here! So here goes…

January :: In the Garden

January in the Garden

January’s page shows the overgrown & pretty much derelict nature of our garden at the moment. It shows some of the key areas that need changing e.g. the fence is broken & it needs to be repaired/replaced. I’ve also put some of the things I want to do, like plant sunflowers next to the shed and plant bulbs in the pots. First & foremost though, the garden needs weeding. Lots & lots of weeding! Better go & get started! x

Atomic Pizza

Boris Karloff at Atomic Pizza

A while ago I blogged about the awesome Atomic Burger & the fact that I was lucky enough to attend the launch of their new restaurant, Atomic Pizza. The challenge was set: Will it knock Atomic Burger off my no. 1 favourite restaurant spot? I didn’t like it’s chances.

Boris Karloff at Atomic Pizza

Half the pizza menu is vegetarian. It’s so nice to be thought of as an equal to meat-eaters & not just an after thought and this is one of the reasons why I like the Atomic restaurants. Anyway, I had picked what I wanted to eat about a week ago (it’s just what I do!). I’d decided on the Boris Karloff¬†& added jalapenos, mushrooms & gherkins on a thin crust. I’d had the Red Hot Chilli Pepper Poppers to start with, which were delicious. My OH had the calamari & said that they were cooked to perfection.

Back to the pizza. I couldn’t believe it. It was perfect. The pizza base was thin but not too thin and all the toppings were in equal proportions. It was so lovely. I couldn’t finish mine as the pizzas are a generous size so asked to take the rest home & will be having the rest for my lunch today! I see it as a way of extending the joy of eating at Atomic Pizza beyond one visit!

I can’t say if Atomic Pizza is my favourite restaurant yet – for that I’ll need a few more visits, maybe sampling the deserts too. I’m looking forward to my next visit already! Thank you Atomic people for all your amazing vegetarian food x