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Tuesday Treat – Chunky Wooden Pencil Ring

I love stationery. I love statement rings. This little beauty combines them both. When I saw this pencil ring on Twitter, I knew I had to treat myself. I work hard. I deserve it. So I ordered it. I am not sorry!

Pencil ringThese are the four designs they pencil rings come in and you simply have to decide which ones to order. The rings are made by Oh, Bother and they make some really great jewellery and home products. But these pencil rings are my favourite and I love wearing mine! It joins a few other unusual rings in my collection, including a pebble ring with a pebble from a Cornish beach and a Israeli blue stone ring. Gorgeous!


Upcycled Jeans

Upcycled jeans

I hate throwing things away. I will wear clothes until they are falling apart & even then, I’ll hang onto them until they are dragging themselves out the door! At the moment, money is a bit tight so clothes shopping is not high on the agenda. So when my only pair of jeans ripped because they were so worn, I knew I had to buy new ones. I tried patching them up but it was a shoddy effort. I kept the ripped jeans, thinking they would do for wearing when I was painting or in the garden or something. As I don’t do these things very often (!) I thought about doing something else with them. Then I remembered the craze a few years ago of upcycling jeans into skirts by adding some fabric. Right, I thought, I’ll give this a go. Plus it meant I could buy some fabric that I knew I would use and not just add to my stash!

Vintage Fabric

I found this lovely green vintage fabric at a vintage fair at Oriel y Parc in St. Davids when I was visiting my mum a few weekends ago. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would look great as the fabric for my jean skirt. I didn’t have a pattern to follow, but thought it couldn’t be that difficult. So I started out by undoing the seams on the legs of the jeans. This was very easy with a Quick Unpick and didn’t take too long. Then I chopped off the bottom parts of the legs and set about measuring the length of the skirt. This is usually where I fall down when it comes to making things, and I really want to make more clothes for myself. (Part of me thinks it’ll be cheaper, plus I’m not a high street fashion kind of gal.) But this time, I managed to get the length right. Then I had to measure the fabric for the triangular space between the legs. This wasn’t too difficult & it didn’t need too much fabric, which was great as it left me with enough fabric to make my lavender bags. The sewing machine made this so easy & it didn’t take long at all, though I live for the day when I can sew something together without getting stabbed a million times by the pins!

Upcycled jeans

Voile! I know I could’ve reused the bottom of the jeans when hemming but by this time I’d had enough, and I think that exceeds my ability on the sewing machine anyway! It’s not perfect and I don’t think Stella McCartney should be worried at this point, but it’ll do for me! It’s cute, it’s something else I can wear, even if it’s just around the house & maybe into town. I’m pretty pleased that I coped well using the sewing machine. It’s something I want to be really confident with, but I’m not. Using it more will help, so it’s good that I’ve got a few other projects up my sleeve!

I’m so pleased my crafty mojo is back. I guess it’s difficult when you work from home & it’s your job to be creative to then switch off & be creative in a different way. But time & distance has certainly helped. The other issue I’ve found is cramming too much into days off. I’ve realised I can’t do everything so I need to prioritise & start with the things I least want to do, leaving me time to get on with the things I enjoy!