There aren’t many TV programmes that make me look forward to a particular day only because it’s the day that TV show will air. Game of Thrones does it, as does The Walking Dead and maybe even The Good Wife. But Utopia is my latest TV addiction. Have you seen it? I’ve *just* got it. I didn’t watch series one because I didn’t think it was my thing, but my OH did and convinced me to watch it before the start of series two. I am so glad he did because it is brilliant TV. Take a look.

I have to admit that I am completely hooked. It’s such a well written show, with an amazing mix of characters that you love/hate in almost equal measure. It’s almost made me question absolutely everything about the government and on the news, which is probably not a bad thing! Just ‘don’t put the gas away just yet’ (Love RB!)

It’s on tonight (Tuesday) at 10pm, which is too late for me, so I’ll be watching Wednesday evening and I can not wait! Will you be watching?