My favourite pair of winter boots died a death last year. They had served their time well, protecting my feet, ankles and calves from many a frosty morn. By becoming vegan, it means that I need to replace my animal products with non-animal ones and fortunately Will’s Vegan Shoes means that this isn’t going to be difficult (though my credit card may weep slightly!)

Knee length vegan boots

I LOVE these boots. They are already on my Christmas list. The reviews speak for themselves, so I know they’re going to be perfect for whatever the winter weather can throw at me. No more will I worry about early morning bus duty, snow or chilly dog walks. You know these are going to look equally good dressed up or down. Plus, I can pretend I’m Maggie from The Walking Dead as I strut about the place, taking no prisoners! Come on winter, do your worst!