I’ve always been a faithful Boots shopper. But since becoming vegan, I’ve wanted a more ethical choice, more organic products, more environmentally friendly products and definitely 100% vegan. In one of the vegan Facebook groups I’m in, someone posted about most Superdrug products being vegan. I was thrilled! Not all of the vegan beauty products I’ve bought have done the job or they’ve been expensive or they’ve only been available online and come with a hefty postage and packing charge. (I understand why, especially for smaller companies, but my money will only stretch so far!) I don’t buy a lot of make up, and generally keep things until they run out so a few things did need replacing. I decided it was time to embrace Superdrug vegan products.

Superdrug vegan products

I can’t explain how happy the clear labelling made me! As any vegan will know, you become really good at scanning labels and ingredient lists, just in case, but with everything labelled as suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans, it made it very easy. I’ve since been back and bought some shampoo and will be using Superdrug again. That’s not to say that I’m abandoning Lush or Green People, it’s just good to have options! Plus I’m always a sucker for cherry red nail varnish. Perfect at cheering up even the dullest December day.