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Atomic Pizza

Boris Karloff at Atomic Pizza

A while ago I blogged about the awesome Atomic Burger & the fact that I was lucky enough to attend the launch of their new restaurant, Atomic Pizza. The challenge was set: Will it knock Atomic Burger off my no. 1 favourite restaurant spot? I didn’t like it’s chances.

Boris Karloff at Atomic Pizza

Half the pizza menu is vegetarian. It’s so nice to be thought of as an equal to meat-eaters & not just an after thought and this is one of the reasons why I like the Atomic restaurants. Anyway, I had picked what I wanted to eat about a week ago (it’s just what I do!). I’d decided on the Boris Karloff & added jalapenos, mushrooms & gherkins on a thin crust. I’d had the Red Hot Chilli Pepper Poppers to start with, which were delicious. My OH had the calamari & said that they were cooked to perfection.

Back to the pizza. I couldn’t believe it. It was perfect. The pizza base was thin but not too thin and all the toppings were in equal proportions. It was so lovely. I couldn’t finish mine as the pizzas are a generous size so asked to take the rest home & will be having the rest for my lunch today! I see it as a way of extending the joy of eating at Atomic Pizza beyond one visit!

I can’t say if Atomic Pizza is my favourite restaurant yet – for that I’ll need a few more visits, maybe sampling the deserts too. I’m looking forward to my next visit already! Thank you Atomic people for all your amazing vegetarian food x

A Week in Wales: Cwtch Restaurant

Veg Tagine at Cwtch

After a week of healthy eating, minus the cakes, we thought we’d treat ourselves with dinner out. There are quite a few lovely places to choose from in Pembrokeshire but sometimes the veggie options aren’t as varied as I’d like & I think we all know how fussy I am! We’d walked passed Cwtch restaurant in St. Davids last year so had a look at their menu. There was only one veggie option in the starters & main but they looked so good that we went there. We had to book as it gets very busy.

Veg Tagine at CwtchMy meal started with a lovely cuba libre cocktail! Then I went for the veggie spring rolls as my starter. I was so hungry & they looked so delicios that I didn’t stop to take a picture. They were filled with spinach & feta and came with a raita. Delicious. My main came out quite soon after that. By then I was on to a lovely red wine – so lovely I can’t remember what it was! My main was this beautiful roasted vegetable tagine with cous cous. It was so tasty & well cooked. There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about it. I was very impressed. It was quite filling so had to make sure that I left some so that I had plenty of room for the pudding that I had my eye on – The Cwtch Creme Brulee.

Creme BruleeIf a menu has creme brulee on it, I am going to have it. No matter what. It’s my all time favourite desert but it has to be plain. I don’t mind a bit of fruit or shortbread on the side, but it shouldn’t be flavoured or ruined with anything else, like lemon, chocolate, orange or mint. Gross. This one, I am very pleased to say, was perfect. It wasn’t too big or too small & had a lovely creamy texture. I was very impressed.

The only criticism I have was that they brought our food out too quickly & would’ve preferred to allow a bit more time between each course. But apart from that it was excellent. Great food & atmosphere. I’ll definitely be going back. x


Blackberry Jam

BlackberriesEvery year I see blackberries out in the hedgerows & hear about people making jam etc with their free fruit. Every year I tell myself I’m going to do that. Well I finally did. On Saturday my OH & I went out blackberry picking to a park in Oxford. We started off small but it wasn’t long before we hit the mother load. I’d taken two tupperware boxes, just in case. It was a good job as we picked just over 700g of blackberries.

Once we’d got home, rinsed & de-maggoted them (gross!) I had to decide what to do with them. I’d promised my OH a crumble so knew that I was going to make an apple & blackberry crumble but that wouldn’t use them all up. Did I have enough to make some jam? I’d been collecting jam jars & lids for a while now, not for anything in particular, but when you get a good  jar it makes sense to keep it!

Making Jam from BlackberriesI searched the internet for some jam recipes & came across one listing ‘Easy Blackberry Recipes‘. Perfect I thought, and it was a very easy recipe to follow. Despite not having the kilogram of fruit that most recipes ask for, this recipe made it easy to do the maths needed for the 500g of fruit I did have. Now I’ve never made jam before so I did have to nervously text my mum a few times but I think the result is good. I added the juice of one lemon to include some pectin but I didn’t include any apples because I wanted pure blackberry jam. I warmed my jars in the oven, as recommended in the recipe & this worked a treat. In the end I only had enough for three small jars but I’m quite happy with that. I’m not a massive jam-user so this way I can give one or two jars away and keep one for myself. Fear not, family & friends, you won’t be inundated with tons of massive jars full of jam!

Blackberry JamI’ve made crumble loads of times before. I use my mum’s very tried & tested  recipe and it never fails to deliver. But I had a recipe from a very old copy of Ideal Home Magazine for an oat crumble that I wanted to try. The fruit mix was the remainder 200g of blackberries & two large cooking apples. Then the oat crumble topping called for 100g of plain flour, unsalted butter & oats and 50g of golden sugar. I was a little dubious at first but when I put the mix on the fruit it definitely looked okay. That just left the taste test!

Final verdict: Very tasty! The crumble mix and the blackberries were absolutely delicious! I will definitely be picking more free fruit! x

Blackberry and Apple Crumble

Inspiral, Camden

One of the little gems my OH & I discovered on our weekend away to the Big Smoke was Inspiral, which is a delicious little veggie cafe in Camden. But it's so much more than that. Most of their produce is vegan & environmentally sound. They have a fantastic vision of how food should be – seasonal, healthy, organic etc. Definitely my kind of place. So naturally we had to stop by.

I had a delicious chocolate cupcake & a chai latte. Their food looked amazing and the place was busy but had a great feel to it. I was really impressed with their supply of veggie wines too. 

If I could transport this place to Oxford, I'd be one happy veggie! No more cheese! x