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The Mole, Toot Baldon

The Mole at Toot Baldon

One of my favourite restaurants nearby is The Mole at Toot Baldon. It has a lovely feel about it & there’s always great service. So when some friends came to stay I knew it would be a great opportunity to take them somewhere lovely for dinner.

To an extent we weren’t disappointed. We had a lovely table & a great waitress. The menu was great to a point. Everyone was happy with what they ordered – duck, calamari & the fishcake for starters; haddock & steak for the main. The puddings were also well received  – the only complaint with the banoffee was that the portion was too big! Woe is us!

The Mole at Toot BaldonThe only person who had an issue was me. The veggie starter was a little odd. Beetroot, goats cheese & onion rings. I ordered it as I was intrigued but the textures & flavours didn’t quite work for me. The only veggie main was linguine with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes & parmesan cream. I asked if it could be made without the parmesan as parmesan cheese isn’t vegetarian & was delighted that it could be. However, the last time I was there I had a similar pasta & mushroom dish. In this one there was way too much cream and not enough cherry tomatoes. It won’t stop me going back there because I have had some excellent meals there in the past and I really like the feel of the place. However, I won’t be going back until there is something a bit more appetising than pasta & mushrooms, which I can make at home.

The Pudding Club

Dark Chocolate and Orange Mousse

A while ago my friend told me about a place where you could have puddings as your meal. This, I thought, must be some kind of heaven. Last night we visited this amazing place – The Pudding Club.

Pasta and Goats CheeseWe started with a light main meal. There were three options – beef, chicken or pasta. Naturally I had the pasta dish. It was delicious. Goats cheese & spinach penne pasta. Nice! One of my friends is also a vegetarian but doesn’t like goats cheese so she asked if it would be possible for it to be done without. This seemed like no trouble at all for the staff & out came a tomato & spinach pasta dish for her. We were all happy with our main course, small so that we could have plenty of room for what was to come – 7 puddings! Then we began planning the best way to eat all the puddings…start light, end with the stodge.

Below are images of the seven puddings that we ate. You can see that the portions are small so as not to fill our tummy’s too full!

Pudding Club 1
We had to rank each pudding after eating it. And we had to clear our bowl after each one as we only had the one bowl. Not a problem!

Pudding Club 2

The light puddings were really creamy so I was happy to get to the custard puddings. But for me the winner was…

Dark Chocolate and Orange Mousse
Dark Chocolate & Orange Mousse

Personally I prefer lighter puddings, like creme brulee, but was happy with the puddings that we had. I normally don’t like things being mixed, like chocolate with orange, but this beauty was closest to what I would normally order in a restaurant. All the puddings were delicious. The staff were helpful & nothing was too much trouble. The only slight issue was the parking but that just shows how popular this place is.

A fab time was had by all x

Good Veggie Food

Wagamama Takeaway

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you will have seen the very basic meal I had at The Swan. So in a bid to reaffirm my faith in restaurants I treated myself to a Wagamama takeaway.

Wagamama TakeawayI was in Oxford for a meeting so as I left I ordered & paid for my food on my iPhone app. I had to wait for a minute or two and was offered some of their delicious green tea. It was packed really well & was just the right temperature when I arrived home. It was delicious! I always have the yasai katsu curry. I love that the veggie food here is delicious. The veg is always cooked well & the service is always excellent. I will definitely be going back.

Not only that but everything that the takeaway came in is recyclable. You get everything that you would in the restaurant – chopsticks etc and it can all just go in the recycling bin when your meal is over! Love that there’s no washing up!

Veggie WineNot many people are aware that some wines are not vegetarian. As a wine lover this can pose a bit of a problem. I’ve yet to come across a restaurant that shows whether the wine is veggie or not & not all supermarkets stock veggie wine. But I was very impressed at my local Waitrose when I went in to buy some rose & the first bottle I picked up (that was in my price range!) was veggie friendly. Well done Waitrose – another reason for me to shop with you & none of the other ‘big 4’!

My faith in local veggie grub was also reaffirmed when I visited two local independent establishments. I had lunch at Throwing Buns where they do the best cheese & pickle sandwiches ever! Not kidding – they are really lovely & some places manage to ruin it! Complete with a side salad and crisps & naturally a cup of spiced Drink Me Chai, although they now stock the complete range.

My day was then completed by another amazing veggie burger at Atomic Burger. I went for the veggie Johnny Cash this time (so I could get the sticker!) & it was lush. The hot sauce is proper hot & reminds me that I could never do the Godzilla challenge! But once again service was outstanding despite two large parties & a restaurant full of hungry people!

Well done Abingdon & Oxford for feeding this fussy veggie! Keep up the good work x

Atomic Burger

The Swan, Sutton Courtenay

The Swan at Sutton Courtenay

After spending Sunday morning getting things organised, my OH & I thought we’d treat ourselves to lunch out. With it being Father’s Day we assumed lots of places would be busy so headed out of Oxford to Sutton Courtenay where there are three gastropubs. We decided on The Swan as it looked nice but didn’t look really crowded.

The Swan at Sutton CourtenayAs it was Sunday they didn’t do light bites or sandwiches, which I can understand but was disappointed with. There were no veggie options for the starter or on the specials board & there was only one veggie option for the main meal – Mac and cheese. I couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere else so had that but word to the wise: It’s 2011! Vegetarians generally require more than pasta and cheese. There were no side salad options so I had no green on my plate either. My OH chose the burger & chips.

Both were nice. The macaroni had goats cheese and sun dried tomatoes in with it. It also had black olives which tasted funny so I left those. I’d give it about 7 out of 10 but I won’t go back until I know that there’s more veggie choice. It’s interesting that on their website The Swan claims to have many vegetarian options. They might on their daily menu but not on their Sunday menu.

It did have a nice feel to it and the service was fine, though I could’ve lived without the waitresses spraying cleaning product onto empty tables as it smelt like toilet cleaner! Gross!