Three years ago today, Rana Plaza, a building housing clothing factories collapsed, killing over 1000 people and injuring over 2000. The clothing factories were making goods for companies such as Primark, Benetton and Monsoon and despite warnings about cracks appearing in the building, the buildings owners ignored them. Three years on, and justice still hasn’t been served for the victims or their families, with very little compensation being paid. Not only that, there have been other tragedies within the clothing industry since. People shouldn’t have to work in buildings so dangerous that they are at risk of collapse. No one should die making clothes. Companies should know exactly who is making their products and under what conditions they are working in. Saying that they simply weren’t aware of the issue is not enough. It’s 2016 for crying out loud!

Fast fashion isn't free

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This year, Fashion Revelution is asking everyone to find out #whomademyclothes. Every company should be have a transparent supply chain. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for in this day and age. Surely, they’ve got nothing to hide and if companies like People Tree can do it, then why can’t all the others? So, this year, I’m asking Seasalt, People Tree and Oasis #Whomademyclothes. I’d like to be able to thank them for the amazing job they did on some of my favourite items.


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Every company should be transparent throughout all aspects of the supply chain. No one should be exempt from this and no one should die making clothes, working in dangerous conditions. Not now, not ever. We mustn’t stop asking companies #whomademyclothes? until each and everyone of them can answer us. Bring on the fashion revolution!