Hello! Long time, no blogging eh? It has been so long, even my sister was asking about my lack of blogging! Having a blog break wasn’t something I planned. The run up to Christmas was much busier than I’d planned for and ran out of time to do any end of year round ups. Then, over Christmas, I was enjoying the return of my crafting mojo (more on that later this week) and didn’t want to spoil it all by looking at a computer. I had quite the digital detox, with the exception of working quite a bit. And I guess it’s taking me quite a while to get back into the swing of things. Work is busy, which is good, and Januray is quite a busy birthday month, especially with not one, but two 60th birthday celebrations occuring. So it’s taken me a little longer to get back to normal.

Homemade wrist warmersAs I worked quite a bit over Christmas and New Year, I don’t really feel like I’ve had a massive break, but my email accounts were much quieter, which was nice. I’ve not really had much of a chance to think about resolutions, so I haven’t really made any, though this week, I have been thinking about things I want to change and improvements I want to make around the house, finances willing. While I don’t really like change, (who does?) I do get itchy feet from time to time, especially working from home. I see all the things that I don’t like about the house, all the things that annoy me, that I point out to guests whenever we have any. How about you? Any resolutions, goals or big plans for the year ahead? Or are just looking forward to getting through the year unscathed?!