After another busy week, I was looking forward to a catch up & some cake with a friend. Sadly, they had to cancel so my OH was challenged with finding somewhere new to go for tCarrot Cakeea & cake. He didn’t disappoint as we went to The Field Kitchen in Nettlebed.

It has a really lovely look & feel to it; quite rustic but very sophisticated at the same time. We arrived quite late in the afternoon so there were only a few cakes left. Both my OH & I opted for the carrot cake. It was delicious. The icing was very tasty & complimented the cake nicely without being too sweet. The portion was generous & I should’ve left some of mine, but I couldn’t because it was so nice! The other cake options were chocolate covered doughnuts & profiteroles. You could buy the profiteroles individually, which I thought was a nice touch. Sometimes you just want something little to go with your coffee & they would go well together. All the other food menus looked really tasty, with a few decent veggie options, that I will be going back to try!

They offer the typical tea & coffee options, and I was presently surprised to see a tub ofHuge Chai Latte Drink Me chai on the windowsill. Naturally I ordered that & my OH ordered a flat white. When they arrived, both were boiling hot – we both burnt our tongues a little (greedy!). Sadly, my chai was far too milky. It needed much more chai in it. My OH’s flat white was also lacking. He described it as cappuccino with very little foam. The biggest problem with the coffee was that flat whites should be served in quite small cups & my OH’s cup wasn’t. The Field Kitchen offer all drinks, including the flat white, in three sizes: regular, mug and bowl. This doesn’t work with flat whites. Similarly, if you’re making a big chai, you’ll need to increase the ratio of the chai with the increase in liquid. We were a bit disappointed with this, but I doubt this is the last time that my OH is disappointed with a flat white!

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