It’s been just over a year since we completed our garden. We weren’t sure which plants would survive over winter, especially as we didn’t do anything to protect plants or cut back last autumn. Not all the plants made it. Some didn’t even make it to winter, so I’ve got a few replacement plants, including a¬†buddleja, which we had before we renovated the garden, but it had gone out of control so we got rid of it. However, since then, we’ve noticed that the birds missed it and it’s such a great plant for butterflies that when a friend offered a plant to me, I accepted. It’s growing really well and has flowers on it already. I moved a few plants, including the iris plants we bought, as they’d outgrown the space we planted them in last year.

Summer plants Garden in the summer Summer in the garden Poppy in the garden

We didn’t really know what plants to get for the garden when we planted it up last summer. I know we need to add more spring plants, as it took until May for most of the plants to flower. We didn’t get around to planting any bulbs last autumn, but I really want to make time for that this year. It felt that it took that garden ages to wake up from winter so spring bulbs are a must! I think there are a few plants that I’d still like to move, and more to buy next year. I’d like a row of alliums along the fence and maybe another few peony plants, because you can never have too many peonies!

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