One of my favourite restaurants nearby is The Mole at Toot Baldon. It has a lovely feel about it & there’s always great service. So when some friends came to stay I knew it would be a great opportunity to take them somewhere lovely for dinner.

To an extent we weren’t disappointed. We had a lovely table & a great waitress. The menu was great to a point. Everyone was happy with what they ordered – duck, calamari & the fishcake for starters; haddock & steak for the main. The puddings were also well received¬†¬†– the only complaint with the banoffee was that the portion was too big! Woe is us!

The Mole at Toot BaldonThe only person who had an issue was me. The veggie starter was a little odd. Beetroot, goats cheese & onion rings. I ordered it as I was intrigued but the textures & flavours didn’t quite work for me. The only veggie main was linguine with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes & parmesan cream. I asked if it could be made without the parmesan as parmesan cheese isn’t vegetarian & was delighted that it could be. However, the last time I was there I had a similar pasta & mushroom dish. In this one there was way too much cream and not enough cherry tomatoes. It won’t stop me going back there because I have had some excellent meals there in the past and I really like the feel of the place. However, I won’t be going back until there is something a bit more appetising than pasta & mushrooms, which I can make at home.

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