Last week I noticed that Oxfork were going to be doing American Pancakes as a breakfast special. American Pancakes are my all time favourite breakfast dish, especially with eggs on the side. I’ve tried many, and liked most. But Oxfork is one of my favourite places in the area. I love everything they stand for: local, seasonal, independent. But not only that: They do brunch. All day, every day. And they have great tea. And amazing brownies. And free wifi. If I still lived in Oxford, I’d be a permanent resident. There is decent free parking in the surrounding streets too.


The dish came with bacon & maple syrup, but I asked to swap the bacon for some eggs, which was no problem. This was the perfect start to a fantastic Saturday. I really hope these stay for while, if not indefinitely. My mouth is actually watering while writing this! Along with this, I had a pot of the wonderful Jeeves & Jericho Breakfast Tea & perused some of the cookery books that they have on the shelves.

Is there anything better than a perfect brunch on the weekend?!

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