Like a lot of people, I’m done with Winter. I enjoyed the snow, for a while, and the wrapping up in lots of layers. But I’m pretty much over it. I’m almost ready to move on to spring. I’m sick of the dark, the cold, the dank. I long for lighter mornings & longer days, glorious bursts of colours in the garden & hopefully some warmer temperatures. But there is something about winter that I’m always grateful for, and I’m not quite ready for it go for this reason: Indoor days.

Spring and Winter

Indoor days are those days when it’s too cold/wet to do the jobs in the garden so you’ve a perfect excuse to sit about indoors, knitting, watching telly, drinking lots of tea, in the warm. You can’t do this in summer – you need to be making the most of the dry & the warm. But there are still a few indoor days left, where it’s not really time to do indoor jobs & the weather is against us for outdoor jobs. As long as you’ve got a good mixture of candles & flowers to keep the gloom away, its a great feeling when you’ve spent time on the sofa, under a blanket, crafting away. Happy days!

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