Have you heard about 100 Happy Days? I’d seen the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram but hadn’t really paid it much attention. As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, I knew I couldn’t be happy for 100 days straight, could anyone? But then I looked into it a little more and found that I’d completely misunderstood. You just have to share one thing that made you happy on that particular day. It can be anything from a good cup of tea to a catch up with a friend to getting a set of pens in the post. By doing that, you can be happy for 100 days in a row!

100happydaysImage via 100 Happy Days

Being able to notice little things that make me happy is really important. Life moves so fast and it’s very easy to get bogged down by the busyness of life and not appreciate the moment. I’m hoping that by taking the time to notice the things that make me happy, these things will be able to carry me through when I’m feeling blue.

I’m sharing my #100happydays over on Instagram and Facebook so you can follow me over there. How about you? Have you taken part in 100 Happy Days? What do you do to keep yourself smiling?

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  1. I started doing 100 Happy Days to help with my anxiety. Most days, it’s great, and I find I’m spoilt for choice of happy moments, which I probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. I have found though, that on days where I struggle to find something, I do feel pretty crap. Just worth being aware of; generally I think the project is a brilliant idea!

    • I totally get what you’re saying. On some days, I seem to have lots to choose from, but this week is tough, as I’m feeling a bit anxious. No idea what I’m going to pick today!

  2. I have a gratitude journal (could be an excuse to buy yourself a pretty notebook?!!) where I list a min of 5 things I’m grateful for or have made me happy that day. I’m not gonna lie, some days it is tough to get 5, but some days I get loads more… 🙂 The more you appreciate good things, the more good things will come to you… x

    • That’s not a bad idea. I know what you mean though, some days I can find lots of things to be happy about, then other days I can’t find a single thing. I like the idea of a gratitude journal (and the excuse to buy a new notebook!)

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