I’ve been wanting to do a regular weekly post for a while, as I’ve noticed that lots of people do them. It’s a good way to get regular readers but if you find something nice on line, then it’s a good way to share it. So I’ve decided to do a weekly post called Tuesday Treat, where I’ll post something that is some kind of treat – whether it’s a lovely image, an inspiring quote or a treat for you tummy or your wardrobe! Here goes!

This weeks Tuesday Treat is a link to this amazing shop: French & English Confectioner’s. I found them on Etsy & instantly favourited their shop. They make amazing luxury leather goods, but at reasonable prices. All the items are classic designs but made so that they look modern & cool. The bag below is my ultimate favourite & at £68 is pretty reasonable, as it will never go out of style. Why not take a look? x

Leather Satchel

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