It’s definitely getting colder. I’ve put away my summer clothes & unpacked all my scarves, hats and gloves. I love Autumn. The changing colours of the trees, the excuse to light candles and drink even more chai. It also means we can light our open fire.


On Saturday, we stocked up on some wood & kindle from a nearby wood. We bought 4 bags for £15, which I think is pretty good. We had coal left over from last year so as soon as we’d unpacked it all, I set about building a fire. We opened a lovely bottle of red wine & lit the fire. The wood is awesome – really dry, burns really well and it made a ton of heat! I was proper toasty. Ultimately we’d like to have a wood burning stove, as they are much more economical. Our neighbours have one & they don’t need their heating when it’s lit. One day, when we’ve saved up enough money, we’ll get one. Until then, we’ll keep using the open fire. And that’s fine with me!

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