For regular readers, friends & family, you’ll know that I am a huge stationery geek. There’s almost nothing that stationery can’t improve. So whenever I stumble across a stationery website, I feel it is my duty to share it with other stationery geeks. This time, it’s the Nancy and Betty Studio. I saw Uppercasemag tweet about a new typewriter they had in stock & I would love to have my own, even if it was just for display purposes. Alas, I don’t currently have the space. (Note: I said currently. Just give me time to declutter & I’ll find the space!)

Olivetti Lettera 32.1-570x380

I really like ‘Practically Perfect’ range & think the cards with badges are awesome! I will definitely be getting some of those. I am hugely tempted by the typewriters so will be keeping an eye on them & an even closer one on my bank balace so as soon as I can, I can get my own!

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