Last Friday, while perusing Pinterest, I came across something which I consider to be a treat for the eyes. Shoes. Lovely, beautiful shoes. Now, I have been known to have somewhat of a shoe addiction. While I spend most of my life in slippers, working at home will do that to you, I still LOVE shoes. These are the most gorgeous shoes I’ve seen in a long while.

Chie Store

This is one of the things I love about Pinterest. It enables you to find & create a world that is yours. I love shoes and I especially love heeled shoes, but not those stupidly high ones that will cripple your feet for life. No. I like elegant shoes that you can walk in; shoes that hark back to a time gone by. I love the look & feel of the shoes on the Chie Mihara site. They are different and damn it, they look pretty comfortable. If I had the money, I would order a good number of shoes from this site. They are just my cup of tea. These red ones are especially lovely. I always find red cheers me up no end, especially on days when the sun doesn’t make an appearance. Perfect to brighten up any day! x

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