This time last week, Poppy & I were getting blown away on a few lovely Pembrokeshire Beaches. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a long walk with Poppy, especially across the beach. The photo below was taken at Broad Haven beach in Pembrokeshire and I’ll be adding it to my Dog Walking series soon. Over the few days I was there, we managed to visit five beaches. Newgale was my favourite, as we managed to hit it while the tide was out. It’s huge and perfect for dog walks, even in gale strength winds.

Broad Haven BeachWhile I enjoy a good walk around the countryside, for me, the coast is where it’s at. There’s nothing quite like the taste of sea salt on your lips and the smell of the sea in your hair when you get home. Even gale strong winds couldn’t ruin our walks last week. though I don’t think Poppy appreciated getting so much sand in her face!

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