I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sick and tired of the rain and the grey days. We’re kind of on flood watch at Crafty Chai towers. Technically, we’re in a flood risk area, but it’s unlikely that we’ll flood. Which is pretty comforting. Until you watch the news and people say that they’ve never known their area to flood. Hello panic. We’ve got sandbags, just in case, and we’re in the process of getting a plan together, should the worst happen. Just hope Poppy can swim! So, with all that going on, and work being hectic and being poorly, I’ve been really pleased to have a few disctractions. I’ve been catching up with old friends and eating plenty of ice cream. Check out this beauty!

ice cream

I caught up with a few friends at Buddies and despite being stuffed to the gills, I couldn’t resist a sundae. I wasn’t sorry at all. It was awesome! There’s something so refreshing about getting together with mates, some of whom I’ve not seen in nearly ten years, and being able to pick up where we left off. I’ve had some proper, side splitting laughs over the last week or so. Perfect for beating those winter blues!

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  1. I feel exactly like you, I’m in a flood risk area but so far we’re OK. It’s just been a bit of a mission getting to and from work and I’m looking forward to normality resuming. It’s exhausting being around all this water! x

    • Isn’t it just Emma? I can’t believe it’s rained all day again today, though I did see the weather at lunchtime and they said that it should be getting better next week. Fingers crossed!

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