Recently, when my OH & I have wanted to go out for coffee or lunch, I’ve wanted to try somewhere new but failed to think of anywhere to go. Last weekend, my OH came up trumps with somewhere lovely – Saddleback Farm Shop. Isn’t it great when you find somewhere new, especially when it’s local? Lucky for me, Saddleback is near where I live in Abingdon, bang in the middle of the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

Saddleback Farm ShopWe sat outside for lunch & you can see why – What a view! After lunch, we went to the farm shop and bought lots of lovely food. What a perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday! Sometimes I think I’m so lucky to live where I do. Oxford’s a great city, we’re close enough to London, and yet, the countryside is right there. It’s good to remind yourself of the lovely things in life, especially when things look a little bleak.

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