Ah, stationery, you never let me down. You’re always there when I need you, helping me feel more organised, even I only keep you about because you’re super pretty or give me the illusion of being super organised!

Fox and Star Stationery

This selection of gorgeous planners come from Fox and Star, which is a stationery shop I’ve *just* discovered. It’s bursting at the seams with gorgeous notebooks, beautiful pens and rolls and rolls of colourful washi tape. I always have a pad on my desk to make notes, lists, doodles etc, but when I’ve used up my current one, I’m definitely going to be buying one of these. Every day I write down three things I have to complete that day. It helps distinguish from all the other lists I have. These planners would be perfect for keeping track of them. Which would you pick?

4 Comments on Tuesday Treat – Fox and Star

  1. Oh these look awesome! I love writing down plans and lists so I can see Fox and Star fast becoming a favourite. Thanks for introducing us 🙂

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