I’ve been back on the exercise wagon for a little while now and I’m finally past the ‘I’m in complete agony’ stage, which always seems to accompany any new type of moving. In fact, I’m so far past it, that when I saw the quote* below doing the rounds on Twitter, I had to agree. Exercise is making me feel good and I can’t wait to do my next workout.


I’m finally doing exercise that I love and I’m certainly feeling, and seeing, the benefit. My wobbly bits are a little less wobbly and I can complete a workout without wanting to die halfway through. That’s not to say I’m in peak physical shape – I’m still working on it and my knee/back pain flares up a bit from time to time too. And sometimes getting myself into my kit and moving about is the last thing I want to do, but because I’m working out regularly, I can remember how good it feels once the workout is done. So I pull on my kit and my trainers and get to it. This is what I’m doing at the moment:

  • Monday: Back/knee stretches & 10 minute abs Pilates workout in the morning, Davina Fit in 15 cardio & arms workout in the evening.
  • Tuesday: Back/knee stretches & 10 minute buns and thighs Pilates workout in the morning, Davina Fit in 15 cardio & legs workout in the evening.
  • Wednesday: Back/knee stretches & 10 minute sculpting arms Pilates workout in the morning, Davina Fit in 15 cardio & core workout in the evening.
  • Thursday: Back/knee stretches & 10 minute Pilates burn workout in the morning, Body Combat workout at the gym.
  • Friday: Back/knee stretches & 10 minute Pilates for Flexibility workout in the morning, 20 minutes on the bike using the turbo trainer.

Weekends are generally my rest days, where we’ll go for a nice long walk with Poppy and have a treat or two, unless I need to catch up on a workout from during the week. What workout sessions are you doing at the moment? Anything working well for you?

*I found this version via Pinterest. The original version can be found here.

6 Comments on Tuesday Treat – Getting Fit

    • I feel great! And this is usually about the time that something happens and I stop working out, so I’m planning ahead to make sure that I keep it up, no matter what life throws at me!

  1. Ugh, I’m supposed to be doing more exercise but I’m completely failing at the moment. I have a Davina workout DVD that I occasionally do, and sometimes I go jogging. Mostly I spend too much time on the internet instead 🙂

    • Completely understand! Last week I didn’t do my Fit in 15 until Friday. Just had no energy so decided to leave it until I was more inspired. Plus, I really like these workouts, which makes a big difference.

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