Blimey! How has a week passed since I last blog?! Things have been crazy busy here at Crafty Chai towers, so time for anything, let alone blogging, is rare at the moment. One of the main things we’ve been working on is our garden, and if you follow me on Facebook, you’ll have seen that we finally got to plant actual plants into the ground on Sunday! Yay!

Green Fingers

I was so excited to go to the Garden Centre on Saturday, then the weather turned and it was really unpredictable so we waited until Sunday morning to plant everything. Deciding what to plant was quite tricky and I spent ages umming and ahing over to what to buy. In the end, for the bed by the patio, we just went and picked things we liked the look of. I’ll blog about it in more detail, but we did get some herbs, some beautiful flowers and great grasses. We’ve still got the borders on either side of the lawn to do, but we’ll be getting some bigger plants and shrubs to help fill these spaces. And boy oh boy are plants pricey! We got quite a good chunk of money off by getting deals, but it still cost quite a bit. Another reason why we’ll be going for more shrubs in the borders! I can’t tell you how happy this has made me. Having outdoor space that is pleasing to the eye is such a luxury and it’s taken four years and plenty of blood, sweat, tears and swears to get us to this point. Oh, and about a million trips to the tip. That’s not an exaggeration! One thing we’d really like to get is new garden furniture. We’re currently using some very rickety second hand stuff so if you know of any great deals, let me know!

What are your top planting tips? I’d really like to know how to keep slugs and snails at bay, in an organic way that Poppy won’t eat!

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  1. Small jars of beer supposed to be good. Also saw on tv a cupola who actually go out with a torch and collect them all up! Don’t water at night either as this draws them out.

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