On Saturday, while spring cleaning my study, I stood looking at the bits and pieces on the fireplace. And it occurred to me that they’re all handmade or have a story behind them. It made me smile! I’ve been in a bit of a craft dry spell recently. I’ve got a few projects hanging around that need finishing & I won’t let myself move on until they’re done. Seeing past projects gave me the boost that I needed & I’ve already finished one and am keen to get on and finish the others.

HandmadeThe fabric in the hoop is from Liberty & part of an ongoing project that I’m working on, Pinterest inspired. The lavender bag was made last summer, during the Olympics, using lavender from the backgarden. (I got lavender bits everywhere!) And I painted the jug over a year ago with my sister at a craft cafe in Narbeth. Don’t you love it when something you’ve made brings a smile to your face & a happy memory to your mind?

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