I don’t know about you, but I am loving spring this year. The warmth from the sun, the blossoms on the tree and bulbs poking up through the soil. The sun seems to make everything just a little bit better and a little bit brighter and I’m pleased not to have to wear fifteen layers every time I leave the house (though I will miss my woolly tights!)

Spring in Abingdon

Sunday, when this picture was taken,¬†was the perfect spring day. We headed out early for a dog walk to one of our favourite haunts, warmed up in the sun and spent some time pottering about in the garden. I was so worried that everything would die, as we didn’t get a chance to sort the garden out before winter. Instead, we’ve found that most plants have survived and some of the bulbs I was able to plant have grown.

I really hope the good weather lasts until the Easter holidays. As I was poorly for half term, I’m hoping to get out for lots of walks with Poppy, watch the garden bloom and enjoy some well earned rest and relaxation.

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