It’s no secret that I love tea. I can drink it all day, every day. Other drinks come and go, but tea is for life. Let me clarify – I’m talking about black tea. I’m partial to a nettle tea every now and then, and obviously I’m happy with a chai tea, but mainly, I stick with black tea and I always add milk! Fortunately for me, there’s a great local tea company who make some excellent teas. Jeeves & Jericho produce some amazing tea, plenty for all tastes and not just mine! I love their Breakfast Tea. It’s nice and strong so it gives you a great kick in the morning. The Oxford Brew is really nice. It’s quite pale and is really refreshing. Recently, I bought some new flavours – Dales Brew and Assam.

Dales Brew TeaI’ve only tried the Dales Brew so far, but I love it! It’s got a great strong flavour and is a proper cup of tea. I’m looking forward to trying the Assam, as I’ve only recently tried it and I really like it. It’s a bit different to your everyday day tea so it’s quite nice for change.

The Jeeves & Jericho teas are loose leaf so I use the empty tea bags that they sell. This is because I’ve found putting the tea straight into the teapot a bit messy to clean up after, although I’ve got a hankering for their lovely teapots that contain a tea infuser. No muss, no fuss! I love using loose leaf tea. It makes me feel like a proper grown up! And it also makes the whole process of making a pot of tea extra special.

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