Where do you get your creative inspiration from? Mine mostly comes via Pinterest. Recently I’ve noticed a lot more related pins in my stream, which I personally love, as it suggests things based on your current activity. For me, this has meant finding a lot more ideas of garments to knit. Like this jumper.

KnittingImage from All Free Knitting || Found via Pinterest

A lot of the patterns originate on Ravelry, but I find Ravelry so overwhelming that I can never find something that tempts me to download the pattern. However, on Pinterest, because its visual, I can see straight away what it’s supposed to end up like and that’s what inspires me. The only downside is that I’m the worlds slowest knitter! But I’m lining up ideas of what I’d like to knit next! Take a look.

How about you? What’s on your needles at the moment? Are you on Pinterest?

3 Comments on Tuesday Treat – Knitting Inspiration

  1. what a gorgeous jumper! thanks for sharing it, I am getting it on my board!! 🙂 I know what you mean about ravelry, its not the place for inspircation but i find it invaluable when you know what you want to look for (if you get my meaning?) anyways i agree totally about the related pins I’m finding SO much inspiration LOVE IT
    i genuinely think I will make that jumper…. jenny xx

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