Last summer, my sewing machine and I had a huge falling out. Reluctantly, I’ve admitted that it was my fault. I blame Pinterest, with its gorgeous images and promised of easy projects – I couldn’t go wrong. Right? But I did. My impatience to make things quickly was my downfall. I didn’t measure, I didn’t press my fabrics and I didn’t take the time to think my projects through. And I expected my sewing machine to make up for my failings. It didn’t. So with my machine in a prominent place in my newly decorated craft room, I either had to make amends or move on. I decided on the former and signed up to a dressmaking class at Darn It and Stitch.

Armed with a relatively simple skirt pattern and the recommended amount of fabric (all bought from Masons in Abingdon), I headed to my first class. Everything’s going really well and I’ll share the finished product in a few weeks when it’s all done.  I already feel so much more confident using my machine and troubleshooting the pattern that I know I’ve got a summer of making ahead of me. Instead of dreading using my machine, I’m looking forward to it and have loads of ideas in my head, including more skirts!

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