When it comes to social media, Twitter is my favourite. It’s how I come by most new people to follow & shops to buy from. But every now and then, Facebook¬†throws up someone that I have to follow! Loop the Loop is one of these. I think someone I follow shared their page so it appeared in my newsfeed & boy I’m glad it did! Loop the Loop sell some really lovely things, all of which would look great in my house, obviously! My favourite thing, which would look great in my study, is this lovely French Pendant light. I saw some vintage ones at the weekend and they were twice the price so this one definitely gets points for being a bargain!

French light

They’ve also got some lovely vintage pieces, which would look good in any home, especially mine! One thing I really like is that on their About Us page they tell the story about how they source their products. What a great job it must be! To hunt out little bargains & vintage treasures, especially for people to have who want to have one off items in their home! How very lovely!

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