Well, who would have a thought that a week later the sun would still be shining?! How great is the weather we’re enjoying in the UK? Long may it last too! But as much as I’m enjoying it, I’ve found something extra special for my Tuesday Treat this week: Magpie. I’ve only recently discovered them but I am so pleased I have!


You will be familiar with some of their other designs as they work with different people including Mini Modern. But that’s not all! Not only do they design and work with amazingly creative companies, but all the products are vegan and ethically sourced.

I love the Woof! range the most, mainly because it’s got Percy the Dachshund on it & looks a lot like little Poppy. How very cute! I love the A to Z range too. The lettering and colours are just awesome! I would love to have the C notebook & I am thinking about adding it to my notebook collection. The only trouble is that I want all the products in all the designs! I’d love them to start doing butterflies too, as my butterfly obsession is growing & think they’d make an excellent addition to my collection.

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